What you shouldn't buy on Black Friday


It is easy to get caught up in the sale madness and while you can find great deals on Black Friday, there are some things you should avoid.

The Black Friday shoppers already outside stores have a firm grip on the things they are going to buy.

Shopper Betty Neumann said, "I am going to get the 42 inch television, the one for $200 and then I am in line for a laptop."

The advertised deals are always a great buy, but when those limited quantities expire, Black Friday shoppers may want to pass on certain items. The website DealNews.com says toys that are not door-busters should be bypassed.

ABC13 Super Saver Erin Libranda said, "The closer you get to Christmas, stuff like Toys R Us are going to give incentives also, so buy $50 worth, get a gift card, so those are going to be closer to the holidays."

Libranda says because gift cards will be incentives to buy other items, they should be avoided on Black Friday.

She explained, "Right now there are a few places out, but as closer we get to the holidays, there are going to be better incentives to buy their gift cards."

Top brand TV sets are also on DealNews list of things to pass by this Black Friday. The biggest discounts will be on store brands, but often the big name devices will see their best discounts as we get closer to Christmas.

"If you are looking for a specific brands and models, those are generally not going to be the cheaper price, but you should look online for rebates and incentives also for those," Libranda advised.

As for game systems, you can get a good deal on Black Friday, if it comes in a bundle.

Libranda said, "You get extra controllers, extra games, for the same basic price you get (the system) normally."

Finally, Christmas decorations will always be at their best price days before and just after Christmas. Libranda says in the past it could be days after Christmas before the deepest discounts were seen, but this year she says decorations are being slashed to bare bone prices as soon as the holidays are over.

Something else to add to the list -- jewelry and watches. You will see a lot of ads for these but Black Friday prices typically are not the best deal on jewelry and watches. Those best prices come closer to Christmas.

If you don't need name brand electronics, then Black Friday is a great time to buy tablet computers, laptops, movies and games. Also, if you're looking for a hot toy, it's best to get them early while supplies last.

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