Price matching could mean money back for you


That's because you could be getting money back if your gifts go on sale. If you bought 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3' at Best Buy, you can already get money back because the company's website has cut the price. This is just one example of good news for consumers.

'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3' sold six and a half million copies in one day. At $59 each, that's nearly $400 million in single day sales. But if you bought the game at Best Buy, some of that money is coming back to you because the store's website is now selling the game $8 cheaper.

"I came into the store and it was $59.99," recalled shopper Rey Chavana. "I went up to the cash register and asked them to price match it from the online price and they had a manager override it, but they did it for me."

Best Buy's price matching policy will give you cash back if the store cuts the price after your purchase. Just bring in your receipt.

Chavana said, "It's pretty convenient, and I don't have to hassle or haggle or anything."

Price matching is not limited to Best Buy. At Target, if you find a better price somewhere else after your purchase, you have seven days to bring your Target receipt and the competitor's ad to get reimbursed.

At Walmart, if a customer buys an eligible product at Walmart anytime until December 25 and then finds that same product advertised for less at another store, Walmart will give the customer a gift card for the difference through Christmas Day.

No matter where you buy something, you may be able to price match if you used a credit card.

Amanda Grossman, author of the Frugal Confessions blog, explained, "If you see an advertisement, a paper advertisement for a lower price, you can submit the advertisement and do a claim with them. They will credit you the difference between what you paid and what the new ad is."

Grossman says getting money back begins with a call to your credit card company.

"They send you a piece of paper to fill out with the ad and you have to send that in, so it does take a little bit of time, but in general they are very open," she said.

There are some restrictions on price matching. It has to be the exact same product. Credit cards generally only price match printed sales, not internet prices. Store policies vary, so be sure to look those up before you buy.

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