Suspects wanted for crashing truck into Walgreens, stealing ATM


Friendswood police say shortly after 5am on October 8, an officer was flagged down by two citizens in the 100 block of E. Parkwood Avenue. The witnesses told that officer that there had possibly been a burglary at the Walgreens store at the corner of Parkwood and S. Friendswood Drive. When the officer arrived, he says he found the front door had been completely torn from the building and glass and debris was scattered around. The ATM machine had been stolen, the officer said.

According to police, the two witnesses saw a dark-colored Dodge extended cab pickup truck sitting in front of the Walgreens with the engine running around 4am. When the witnesses passed back by the store, they say they saw all of the damage.

According to surveillance video, police say the pickup backed up to the front door at around 3:50am. The truck rammed down the front doors and three black males wearing bandanas walked up to the store from the parking lot and entered the business where they moved and lifted the ATM into the back of the truck. By 4:08am, police say the men had loaded the ATM and left the area.

Later that morning, an officer was patrolling the Old City Park in the 300 block of Briarmeadow when she observed a black Dodge truck in the turnaround area of the park at around 8am. The officer says that the back sliding window was open, the rear taillights were broken and a chain was hanging from the right rear bumper. The dash of the truck was completely torn apart, the ignition had been defeated and the truck was still running with no key in it.

Friendswood police say the truck had been reported stolen in Houston. They say the suspects are still on the loose.

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