New free software for parents to monitor kids online


Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos is touting this computer software program as a safeguard for the community against cyber-predators. It's different from other Internet monitoring software programs in that it's easy to install, easy to navigate and it's being offered to the public for free.

Computer Cop allows parents to monitor their children's online activity. It allows parents to see what images their children are clicking on and what videos they're looking at, even the types of words being typed into the computer.

Parents will also get to see what types of websites their children are visiting, because the entire browser history will be accessible at the click of the mouse. An email alert is even available to make parents aware if their child is clicking on something questionable.

The DA says it's critical that parents take more of an active role in monitoring their kids' computer habits.

"You cannot relax vigilance in this day and age with respect to your children," Lykos said. "It seems that every advancement in technology that we have, the perverts seize upon it first, and we're always playing catch up."

The software is being distributed through a number of schools, by the parent teacher organizations. People can also stop by the Harris County courthouse and pick up a copy on the 6th floor.

On Wednesday morning the DA also announced plans to post the office's most wanted fugitive list on the district attorney's website. They'll be looking at failure to appear cases, or incidents in which the suspect has actually fled. They'll be selecting those cases and posting the fugitives' photos on the website for the public to see.

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