Police identify suspect in terrifying sexual assault


The woman told police back in 2000 that a stranger had raped her while her children were sleeping in her home. Now, after years of waiting, she's getting some closure.

The victim is so relieved. She never thought she would see this day. We're not showing you her face or using her name in order to protect her identity.

Eleven years ago, the woman was attacked and raped in her Katy home.

She recalled, "He looked at me then and told me, 'Bitch, if you don't quit fighting me I'll kill you and your kids. I'll kill your kids if you wake them up.'"

She complied. Her two young kids were just a bedroom away.

"The one thing he said to me before he left was I was a good mom, I didn't let my kids get hurt," she said. "And he left."

No one was ever caught. The rapist left no fingerprints inside the home. The victim says he was nude and that his entire body had been waxed. She'd lost hope that anybody ever would be caught.

She said, "They had told me back then that unless he committed another crime that he would never be caught."

And that's exactly what happened. Earlier this year Robert Flores was convicted. He received 15 years in prison for the manufacture and delivery of meth. In 2005, state law began requiring all convicts to submit DNA samples. His was compared and matched to a rape kit performed on the victim.

"It floored me," she told Eyewitness News. "After all this time, I didn't think he would ever be caught."

Flores is in a prison in San Antonio. Authorities say he will now be moved to Harris County to await trial for this rape.

The victim says she hasn't decided yet if she wants to see Flores in person at trial. He has been charged with aggravated sexual assault but must be considered innocent until proven guilty.

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