Neighbors complain about gold and silver buyers


It sits in the corner of Grant and Jones Roads, west of Highway 249. People say the business 'lowers the class of the neighborhood' and that it 'attracts the wrong class of people.' But employee Manuel Chavarria doesn't think so.

He said more gold and silver shops are popping up in nicer suburban neighborhoods because that's where the money is.

"People come in with all sorts of stuff, jewelry, flatware -- like that last lady that came in here -- she got well over a $1,000 and she only had a few items," said Chavarria.

"I really just don't appreciate those kinds of businesses setting up shop around here," said nearby resident Laura Marubio.

But the business says they are there to stay.

We checked with the county about their marketing methods, and they initially told us the business was in compliance. But after a closer look, Josh Stuckey with the Harris County engineering department told us the signs were not permissable, according to signage codes.

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