Experts say flood insurance is a 'necessity' as hurricane season approaches

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Tuesday, May 7, 2024
Hurricane season begins June 1. Do you have flood insurance yet?
Flooding in the Houston area can make insurance expensive, but FEMA has affordable options available for homeowners ahead of hurricane season.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Serious flooding in the greater Houston area is one of the reasons our leaders preach about preparedness, but private insurance to protect your property from rising water can be hard to find and extremely expensive.

There are options available for property owners in flood-prone areas.

The federal government created the National Flood Insurance Program specifically for people living in high-risk areas, like the Gulf Coast, where private insurers aren't always willing to provide coverage.

It's a voluntary program administered by the Federal Emergency Management Administration, but communities do have to join and enforce certain regulations.

Then, property owners can buy flood insurance plans through partnerships the federal government has with certain companies that administer policies on their behalf.

Five million structures are insured this way across the country. These policies take 30 days to go into effect, so FEMA liaisons suggest property owners look into what's available for them now, before the start of hurricane season on June 1.

They also suggest content-only coverage for renters.

"The thing to remember about content is, say your home is the palm of your hand. Turn it upside down and shake it. Everything that falls out is content. You'll be left to recover from all that if you don't have that on your own," Gilbert Giron, a FEMA Regional Flood Insurance liaison, said.

Homeowners can get a policy worth $250,000 maximum, but you can select a plan with less coverage to make your premium more manageable. When it comes to flooding, some protection is better than none at all.

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