Family needs help bringing crash victim's body home

HOUSTON John Darren McGrew, 16, was among four people killed in a crash this past weekend in Decatur.

"He was my everything," said his mother, Mesha McGrew.

The tears have not stopped for Mesha and John McGrew ever since this weekend when they learned that their only child was killed in a devastating car crash.

"I just can't believe he's gone, I just really can't believe he's gone. I think he's on vacation and will come home, but he's not," Mesha said.

The teenager was in Wise County, just outside Fort Worth with his cousins. Five teenagers were inside a car on a rural road when they collided with another vehicle. Four of the five people in that car died. John McGrew was among the victims.

"There was no reason to worry, he never gave us no reason to worry. None of the boys up there had been in trouble ever, with the law or anything," said his father, John McGrew.

Their son just turned 16 a week ago. He loved to fish and ride go-carts and was looking forward to playing on his high school football team again. But now, his parents are just struggling to figure out a way to properly say goodbye.

"I lost my job three months ago, and I have been unemployed ever since, with my job, with my insurance -- everything," John said.

Family and friends are trying to raise money so McGrew's body could be transported back and a funeral arranged. But for his parents, there is no consolation in losing a child.

"I can't see my baby again -- ever, ever. I'll never see my child again," Mesha said.

The family is working to raise money to pay for the transportation of John McGrew's body back from Wise County and a funeral. A Facebook page has been set up for more information.

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