Aid comes to Grimes County wildfire victims


Grimes County is letting families return home, but officials are asking them to remain cautious.

Saturday was the first time neighbors who were affected by the wildfire got a chance to meet with Red Cross and other nonprofit agencies to request help.

It was an emotional day for many of the families who lost everything in the huge blaze.

Red Cross, along with the Southern Baptist Relief Team, area churches and several other nonprofit agencies, set up a one-stop-shop for the fire victims at Navasota High School.

There, families were able to apply for financial assistance. They also picked up cases of water, cleaning supplies and furniture to help them get back on their feet.

The wildfire burned across more than 5,200 acres, destroying dozens of homes and damaging many others.

Some of the victims we talked to wanted to thank those people who are working so hard to help them get back on their feet during this tough time.

"We sure do appreciate you all doing this, because we needed everything. We lost everything in the fire. You're helping everybody," fire victim Linda Schidler said. "I know there's so many people in my shoes that are out there, and we so appreciate you being here and giving us what we need to get restarted and start from scratch."

Many of the fire victims tell us it's going to be a long and tough road to recovery.

Firefighters remain in the affected area near Plantersville, monitoring hot spots.

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