Shots fired during armored car robbery attempt

HOUSTON It happened outside a Bank of America on the Gulf Freeway near Almeda Genoa around noon, and was witnessed by a nearby restaurant employee.

A hostess at Wings 'N More on the Gulf freeway, Karen Perez, was about to greet a customer walking into the restaurant when she heard gunshots.

"All I hear is 'pow pow pow' and a guy came in running and another guy came in running from his car," she said.

As one of the frantic customers called 911, Perez says she looked outside toward the Bank of America and saw at least two men shooting it out with an armored car guard.

"I guess they were going to rob the truck and they ran over here and they got into a car," said Perez.

Authorities say the men had tried to rob a Loomis armored car around noon Tuesday. The guard wasn't hurt. The suspects got into a white Pontiac and sped away. It was found abandoned at a nearby apartment complex, reportedly with blood inside.

"Wow, this was so unexpected," said Perez.

Perez has been on the job for about a month. To suddenly become an eyewitness to a crime, she says, was shocking to say the least.

Police believe one of the suspects might have been shot. They have put all of the hospitals on alert.

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