Man allegedly pretended to be FBI agent


When this FBI impersonator offered her a type of internship, she soon found out he had other motives.

At a tire shop in northwest Houston, a clean-cut man with a lengthy criminal history was able to con the owners that he was an FBI agent by flashing some fake identification.

"He got the badge for like police and business cards for like the guys who are undercover police," said Jesus Seniceros, the stepfather of the victim.

James B. Faircloth, 53, pulled into the tire shop at Ella and 34th to get new tires.

Through small talk, he learned the owner's daughter was taking classes to become a police officer. That's when Faircloth offered an informal internship.

"And he asking the daughter if she want work," Seniceros said

He offered to pay the teen $50 a day to assist him a fake surveillance assignment at a west-side motel.

He sat her by a window with a photo of a fake suspect, but Faircloth soon turned on adult movies and the teen became uncomfortable.

"When they inside in the room, he put like pronos on the TV and she is there and so she had to watch that," Seniceros said.

And when he tried to massage the teen, she became scared.

"A massage for relax and my daughter said 'no, no I no do it. I want to go," said Gloria Gonzales, the victim's mother.

He returned the girl and left. No one answered at his last known address.

However, the mother realized her daughter was nervous so she took his license plate down and called police.

Faircloth is now in custody.

"And my daughter say 'I no want to go anymore mommy.' OK no go," ???????? said.

Along with the 17 offenses on his criminal record that include 11 thefts and stalking, he can now add impersonating a public servant.

That girl luckily was unharmed.

Houston police ask if anyone has any information about Faircloth to please call the HPD major offenders unit at 713-308-3100.

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