City considering cutting Safe Clear free tows

March 24, 2011 3:11:49 PM PDT
The next time you find yourself stranded on a Houston freeway, you may have to pay a fee to get out of harm's way.

Right now Safe Clear will give a stranded driver a free tow to the nearest exit to clear up the congestion. But the city is out of money, so council members are considering getting rid of the free tow. Instead it would cost you $50 for that short trip. The fee will save the city lots of money.

"It was free originally we were making people do this, and we can't do it anymore. But we have a tow that's far below market value," said City Council Member Melissa Noriega.

The fees are still far cheaper than random tows off side streets. Council members are looking for a company sponsor to help keep the tows free.

No word yet on when a final decision will be made.