Magnolia ISD announces staff layoffs

March 23, 2011 1:23:12 PM PDT
Magnolia ISD is preparing for cuts in funding, so it's reducing its staff.

The school district notified 51 support staff members they would not have positions with the district for the upcoming school year.

Magnolia ISD also received 64 resignations, which may not be filled, and has eliminated nine central office positions.

The school district is determining whether it will renew the contracts of 55 probationary teachers for the next school year.

"It is unfortunate that the District has had to make these notifications before knowing the full extent of what the legislature will do regarding school funding," the district said in an prepared statement. "The District will continue to monitor what is happening with the legislative session and the development of the state budget for public education. It is the sincere hope of the District that the budget picture will improve and that some of these staff members will be able to return to positions within the District."

The district says it has also identified $1.8 million in non-payroll reductions that will be taken before any teaching positions are eliminated.