Officer-involved shooting ends with man dead

March 17, 2011 10:08:12 AM PDT
New questions are being asked about a deadly shooting involving a Houston police officer. It happened at the Emerald Bay apartments on Bennington near Homestead at around 11:30pm. The suspect has been identified by family members as 30-year-old Kenneth Wayne Thomas.

The HPD officer says he feared for his life after Thomas ignored commands and then reached for a gun. But residents who say they witnessed the whole thing are denying that and believe the shooting was unjustified.

An HPD spokesperson says the off-duty undercover officer was working a second job patrolling the apartment complex last night when police say the officer spotted two male males in white Cadillac smoking marijuana. Police say the officer identified himself as a police officer and told Thomas to show his hands and get out of the car. Instead, authorities say Thomas reached for a gun. Police say that's when the officer shot Thomas.

Residents who say they witnessed the shooting tell Eyewitness News a different story.

"They were just like, 'What did we do? We don't have nothing.' That's when they put their hands up. They both had their hands up. So something seriously needs to be investigated about this because I feel it was a wrongful death," said an eyewitness with whom we spoke.

"I want to see what went on and what really happened," said the Thomas' grandmother, Mary Pointer.

Thomas' past criminal convictions include drugs and aggravated assault.

Police say they recover marijuana and a gun from the scene.