Prison escapee believed to be in Houston

March 10, 2011 2:31:33 PM PST
A prison escapee from Beaumont who is considered armed and dangerous may have been spotted in Houston.

Someone matching escapee David Puckett's description was spotted in the Texas Medical Center at around 10:45pm Wednesday seeking medical treatment. Security video is said to show a man with blood on his torso walking into the St. Luke's Hospital emergency room. He reportedly fled the hospital when he spotted a police officer.

Police reviewed the video from surveillance cameras and believe that person is Puckett. He may have injured himself while jumping the wire fence of the prison yard, officials said.

Witnesses at Texas Children's Hospital also reported that a man entered the hospital and then left without treatment, but it has not been confirmed that the man in that instance was Puckett.

Before that local sighting, Puckett was last seen around 6:45pm Wednesday in a prison recreation yard in Beaumont. Officers found material from an offender uniform and socks on a nearby perimeter fence, according to a Texas Department of Criminal Justice statement.

"We believe that he went to the hospital to receive treatment for the injuries that he may have recieved while escaping," said TDCJ spokesperson Jason Clark. "The fences here at the Stiles Unit are covered in razor wire and are meant to prevent escapes and can cause serious injuries."

Bloody clothes believed to have been discarded by Puckett have been found in Houston's Third Ward near Highway 288 and MacGregor, according to a TDCJ spokesperson.

Puckett, 27, was serving a 30-year sentence at the Stiles Unit for aggravated assault of a public servant out of Lavaca County. He has been in prison since February 2002. While behind bars, Puckett was considered assaultive and a security risk.

As of Thursday, TDCJ officials did not know if Puckett has any family or personal connections to Houston.

Puckett is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 155 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

He is believed to be traveling in a stolen single-cab, white Chevrolet truck with license plate number 27N-KB6. The pickup has a decal on the side that reads "AGS Solutions," and was reported stolen by a Beaumont business early Thursday morning.

Anyone who believes they have seen Puckett or the stolen vehicle should call their local law enforcement authorities or the TDCJ Office of Inspector General at 936-437-5148.