Elderly woman attacked at Angleton home

February 16, 2011 2:54:18 PM PST
An elderly woman was attacked in her own home. The 91-year-old was tied up and her phone lines were cut.

She lives in the 2200 block of South Shanks Street in Angleton in Brazoria County.

Angleton police say there've been two home invasions in the area so far this year. In the first one, jewelry was taken. In the second, nothing was stolen because of the house they targeted and the woman who lives inside.

It's a city that feels much a small Texas town, where antique stores line part of the old downtown. Angleton has that kind of feel and most people will tell you they feel safe.

"It's a quiet town and it's really nice for your kids to grow up here," business owner Sarah Babcock said.

That's why what happened at the home on the outskirts of Angleton last week is so unusual. The 91-year-old who lives there said she didn't want to be interviewed or photographed. She's letting the police doing the talking for her.

"And there was a dark figure in the doorway, which then attacked her while she was in bed, attempted to put a towel over her face," Angleton Police Department Sgt. Kirk Coleman said.

She comes from strong stock. As a former school teacher and World War II veteran, she was in the waves and she doesn't tolerate would-be burglars. She fought back.

"She fought him off. She hit her head against the headboard, she got small laceration to the back of her head and also a laceration to her forehead," Coleman said. "She's pretty proud of herself though."

Nothing was taken from the home, where she's lived for 60 years, and her fairly minor injuries are now healing. She says her daughter is coming by often. One of her few neighbors is checking in as well.

The elderly woman is getting back to her routine, not thinking there's anything extraordinary about her. Others will tell you differently.

"She's just tough," Coleman said.

The one thing she didn't manage to get was the description of the attacker. He's described only as a short man with a mask.

Angleton police don't believe this attack is connected to the other home invasion.