Schools affected by power outages

February 2, 2011 3:27:33 PM PST
All across the greater Houston area, students who should have been listening to their teachers in warm classrooms were being shuffled around thanks to those rolling power outages. From Spring down to Galveston, school officials struggled to deal with the lack of heat and light. Not long after they'd brought their children to Houston First Baptist Academy, parents were back to pick them up. The school was having rolling blackouts.

The same rolling blackouts affected the entire Harris County region. Spring ISD dismissed three hours after classes began for the day. HISD was experiencing power outages as well. Students from Kashmere High School were bused to a campus with power for part of the day.

In Pasadena all of the district's 60-plus schools saw the lights go out thorughout the day. At Park Elementary, for example, there were three rolling blackouts by lunchtime. The school continued to operate, although the district brought in some pre-packaged meals in case hot lunches couldn't be heated. For a moment, the lack of power was a distraction for the kids.

Second grade teacher Susan Alanis said, "They calmed down and went back to work and the second or third time it happened they just kept on going, so they were prepared."

Some outages lasted half an hour, others less, some more. Parents were calling to see whether school would be let out early. The district says if the rolling blackouts remain the same, school will continue.

Pasadena ISD spokesperson Candace Ahlfinger said, "Our students are generally warmer in school than in their homes, so we feel they'll be better off in school than in their homes."