Identity thieves use jury duty scheme

February 1, 2011 1:05:41 PM PST
Officials have a warning for residents of Harris County -- when it comes to jury service, don't believe everyone who calls. District Clerk Chris Daniel warns residents that technology-adept identity thieves are contacting Harris County residents by phone about their jury service in order to obtain Social Security numbers and other personal information.

"We have received calls in the past regarding this scheme, and we want to remind citizens to never give out any personal information on the telephone," Daniel said. "Our office advocates protecting the privacy of our citizens, and our jury room staff will never contact prospective jurors asking for Social Security Numbers or any other sensitive information."

Identity thieves have contacted residents and threatened them for failing to report for jury service. Officials remind residents not to give out Social Security Numbers, credit card numbers or other sensitive information to anyone claiming to be with the judicial system who calls or emails you.

Anyone with concerns regarding jury service can contact the Harris County Jury Information Center at 713-755-6392 or the District Clerk Call Center at 713-755-7300.