Michigan high school baketball games marred by violence

January 24, 2011 1:26:52 PM PST
Police had to break up a fight at a high school basketball game for the second time in less than a month.The most recent incident happened at the Saginaw High-Arthur Hill in Saginaw, Michigan game Saturday night. It was played at Saginaw Valley State University to accommodate the large crowd.

Eight people were involved in the fight Saturday night, including a student from the Saginaw School District.

The superintendent says that student has been suspended.

As for the others, no one was arrested, but a university spokesperson says the case is still under investigation.

The fight happened despite a beefed-up police presence. The university had police officers on hand, along with members of the Gang Task Force. Also at the game were Saginaw School campus security officers, parents and other volunteers who were there to make sure something like this didn't happen again.

On Jan. 5,  a similar basketbrawl broke out at a game between the same two teams at the same venue.

Six people were involved in that brawl. Two of them were arrested, but have not been formally charged yet. Four others were detained and released, including three Saginaw students who were immediately suspended.

Superintendent Carlton Jenkins says the district hasn't decided on any permanent changes yet because of the fights, but he does say there is one issue that will likely be addressed. "We're going to look at how we keep the outside influences from coming into our games by perhaps tightening up the IDs for anyone less than 21 years of age."

The group Parishioners on Patrol was one of the volunteer organizations called in to help with Saturday's game. The organization's leader is upset that so many young people chose to make a "bad choice."