Missing sex offender added to Most Wanted list

January 25, 2011 3:07:38 PM PST
High risk, armed and dangerous are the words being used to describe a sex offender who absconded from a Houston halfway house on Monday night.

It's been nearly 24 hours since Timothy Rosales, Jr. disappeared from the halfway house and he is no where to be found. The Texas Department of Public Safety has since added him to it's Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives list.

Rosales was doing maintenance work in the lobby of the Reid Center on Beaumont Highway around 6:15pm Monday when he bolted through the front door, cut off his electronic monitoring device around his ankle and fled. Rosales then did not report back to his parole officer and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Across the street at Melba's Country Kitchen, the owner and her staff had no idea he'd absconded until today. Melba Barfield says she has no reservations being this close to a halfway house where offenders can leave, so long as they have an approved schedule.

"I've been here nine years and I've had absolutely no problems from the guys at the halfway house. I know that several have walked away but they haven't stopped here to get my dollar," said Barfield.

Rosales had been under electronic monitoring at the Reid Center since he was released from prison in 2007. The 39-year-old was originally convicted of two aggravated sexual assaults in Potter County in 1987 and is now wanted on felony civil commitment and parole violation charges. Rosales was sentenced to 25 years in April 1988 and was released on mandatory supervision in 2007.

Maria Rojas lives in a neighborhood about two miles from the halfway house and she says it's scary to hear about an escape. She has 10 grand kids and they are always with her.

The TDCJ has a contract with the Reid Facility. According to TDCJ spokesperson Jason Clark, Rosales began residing at Reid on April 16, 2009. Clark says the Reid Facility is not a secure correctional facility, but a halfway house. He added that offenders can leave the facility, but must have an approved schedule.

Pablo Paez, VP Corporate Relations for the GEO Group, released a statement saying:

    "Parolees who are assigned to the Ben Reid Center, and who again have already completed their criminal sentences, may receive authorization from their respective state parole officers to conduct community activities during the day, such as job searches and other community programs. These authorizations are reviewed and approved by individual state parole officers. The Center provides temporary housing and transitional services and does not determine which parolees are assigned to the Center. When parolees abscond from the Reid Center, authorities are immediately notified pursuant to the Center's contractual requirements."

A manhunt is underway. DPS is working on some leads with several agencies right now in hopes of gathering more information as to where he might be.

Rosales is 5-foot-7 and weighs about 165 pounds. He has brown eyes and a shaved head. Rosales has scars on his right and left arms, on his right wrist and on his back, chest and head. He has tattoos on his left shoulder, arm and leg and on his back and chest. His right arm is discolored.

Rosales has family in the Denton area, just north of Dallas, but again authorities can't say for sure where he went.

Again, authorities say Rosales should be considered armed and dangerous. DPS is offering a $5,000 cash reward for information leading to his arrest. Anyone with information is asked to call local police immediately.