HPD officer shoots, kills dog in SE Houston

HOUSTON Police say they'd been called to the neighborhood for a vicious animal call. But neighbors say the animal wasn't vicious at all. The shooting happened Saturday afternoon off East Palm Lake near Fuqua. Neighbors say they'd all cared for the animal, and it was a pet to all of them.

"He'd follow us all the way to the bus stop and we'd tell him to stay because we didn't want him to get hurt," said neighbor Caleb Neel. "He's a good dog."

A small green bowl remains on his driveway, used to feed the dog the boys named, Obie. Houston police confirm the dog was shot and killed by a Houston police officer Saturday morning.

Authorities say a call was placed from this small southeast Houston neighborhood complaining of a vicious dog forcing a homeowner into their home. What happened next depends on who you talk to.

According to an HPD spokesperson, in this prepared statement, the officer attempted to lure the dog away from the home and while doing so the dog charged toward him. The officer shot one time, killing that animal.

"This guy, he shot the dog with no reason," said eyewitness Carlos Garcia.

Garcia says he saw the shooting from his home and says the dog did not charge the officer.

"As soon as he gets out from his police car he had his gun in his hand he was about 4 or 5 feet from the dog and boom very close from the dog and shoot the dog without no reason." he said.

The dog's owner did not want to be interviewed or shown on camera. He told us the dog had gotten loose. But these neighbors say the dog was always on the street, eager to get something to eat or play.

"That dog was so calm and he'd wag his whole body when he'd see people and stuff," said neighbor Robert James.

"If he would ever come at you his tail would be wagging. He would have a smile on his face and he'd want to be played wit, nnothing more. That's all he wanted was attention," said neighbor Danny Neel. "Our point was he should have called the dog catcher and come out here. It just should have been handled a different way."

Authorities also said that they encourage neighbors to contact Houston police or the Clear Lake patrol division if they have any concerns over the shooting.

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