Many wait for hours to meet Sarah Palin

HOUSTON The Borders book store on Kirby and Alabama started letting people at 9am and security was very tight. No bags, no jackets, no cell phones and no cameras were allowed. Everything had to be left in your car or at security. Palin was positioned at a table upstairs and she started signing books at 11am.

It was a long wait for people like Trina Roberson, who was first in line, getting to the Borders book store yesterday at 5pm.

"I don't stand in line for 16 hours for anything," said Roberson. "But this is worth it."

Some have spent hours in the rain, waiting for wristbands and the chance to see the former vice presidential candidate. One of the most controversial political figures in America, Palin is promoting her new book, "America by Heart." It's said to celebrate American values, with a focus on Middle America.

Dwayne Roecker started reading the book this morning.

"I like the ideas that she is putting forth. I certainly believe in a lot of the things that she does, so I like the book so far," he said.

The former beauty queen turned Alaska Governor turned best-selling author and political commentator is adding a new line to her resume -- reality TV star. Her show debuted last week. Her fans say it's only added to her stardom, which they hope catapults her into the 2012 race for president.

"I hope she's our future president in 2012," said Palin supporter Elisha Sultzer. "I think she's awesome! I think she's All-American."

"Because she's not like the other politicians, you just don't believe them, trust them," said Palin fan Steven Townley. "She seems like a genuine person. She just seems normal, you know?"

This is Palin's second book tour. Last year she traveled by bus to 35 cities to promote her memoirs. This time her tour is smaller, and she's playing her strength targeting key Republican states. A sign of what's to come? It's possible.

"There's two kinds of books, political books -- ones written by former presidents who kind of recap their lives and key decisions -- and there are books of the future, which are written by people that either may want to seek the presidency or want to stay out in the political foreground for whatever the reason it may be," said KTRK political consultant Peter Roussel. "So I guess the latter would be the case here this morning."

You have to have a copy of her book that was purchased at a Borders book store. There is a limit of two books per person. You have to have a wristband to get in. The book store handed out 500 wristbands at 9am.

There was not one single protester gathered today. She will wrap up her book tour in her home state of Alaska. .

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