Boy injured after tree limb collapses on his head

CONROE, TX It happened at a home in the 1500 block of South Second Street.

Inside the Conroe house, there was a turkey dinner being prepared inside, and in the backyard, a tire swing that attracted a five-year-old boy visiting the home with his dad.

Neighbors were on the other side of the fence.

"We heard the tree. I kinda caught it out of the corner of my eye 'cause I was kinda facing it, but we heard the limb fall, and that's when my daughter said I hope there ain't no kids on it," neighbor Cynthia Dunn said.

The boy wasn't on the swing but standing beneath the tree; an adult at the home had pulled on the swing's rope to make sure it was safe, police say. Instead, the limb cracked and fell on the child's head.

Those same neighbors ran to help.

"I just went over there by the little boy, but his lips were blue and he was gurgling and stuff but I mean he finally started taking breaths," Dunn said. Paramedics arrived, and the child was taken by ambulance to a landing area where an air ambulance flew him to Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Texas Medical Center.

Neither his name nor condition has yet been released.

But it made Thanksgiving a very different day on this street. Instead of grace being said only over a meal, prayers were said for a child.

"The lady next door, me and her we both were praying out loud, just praying – you know that's all you can do, is just pray and hope for the best," neighbor Lacy Dunn said.

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