Family terrorized in north Houston home

HOUSTON "The crazy thing is I heard the shots, and I thought it was somebody's car backfiring," said neighbor Sharnet Stewart.

It's a sound that could easily be confused, especially, neighbors say, in broad daylight with kids playing in the street.

"They're usually outside all the time," said Stewart.

Precinct 4 authorities say two adults and their daughter -- 7 or 8 years old -- were inside their house on Brushy Glen near Northtrace when a suspect fired off three rounds -- one from the driveway, the second at their front window and the third directly at them, as they ran for their lives.

The family escaped to safety through a side fence, but investigators believe they were targeted. The suspect apparently stole a car near I-45 and 1960, then drove it to the home less than three miles away to carry out his plan.

"Someone got into their house with a gun," said Stewart. "That's terrifying."

Still fearful for their lives, the family declined to talk to us on camera. And right now, there is no doubt the suspect was looking for their teenage son. Neighbors say he's knocked on other doors on this street asking for him by name. On Sunday, he came to the right house and nearly killed his family.

"That's dangerous," said Stewart. "When kids can get hold of a car and a gun and canvassing the neighborhood looking for this child. What if they come back?"

At last check, deputies are still looking for the gunman. They say he's a white male in his early to mid-20s with a blonde ponytail and several tattoos. They believe he fled in a maroon colored Taurus.

If you've seen him, you're asked to call the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

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