Barbara Walters attends Crime Stoppers' gala in Houston

HOUSTON ABC's Barbara Walters is the keynote speaker at this year's Crime Stoppers' gala, which is being emceed by our own anchor, Dave Ward.

Eyewitness News' Melanie Lawson talked with Walters about what happened last week on her show, "the View." An argument between guest Bill O'reilly and the ladies of The View erupted, and led to Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg walking off the set. Walters says she sees what happened as a sign of the times.

"I do feel the anger. I feel the inability to talk together as people," she said. "Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, I think it's typical that we're not able to have a dialogue. That it is a 'gotcha' question' and anger, and I think that's obscuring a lot of the very important things that we have to face in our country."

Walters, who recently had open heart surgery to repair a valve, says she's feeling great and plans to do a special on women and heart disease.

Eyewitness News was also honored at the event, because of what we did during a high speed chase. Last month, when Houston police officers couldn't find a car that sped away from police, they used our live video from SkyEye HD to locate and eventually catch the murder suspect behind the wheel.

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