Wacky uses for brand name products

HOUSTON The wacky ideas are a great way to save money because in most cases you already have everything you need in your pantry.

Green has tested hundreds of products and he shares some of his favorites.

For 20 years, Green has been coming up with creative and sometimes wacky uses for common household products like rice, panty hose, toothpaste and even Spam.

"It's a great way that you can use products for double duty and save yourself a lot of money, a lot of time and a lot of aggravation," Green said.

Mustard, Green says, is a great way to soothe burns. It's something he learned from professional cooks.

"Squeeze it on the burn; the ingredients in the mustard immediately stop the burn, and it's instant relief," Green said.

How about using Efferdent to clean your jewelry? Green says simply drop your jewelry in a cup, add two tablets and wait five minutes.

"If you think about it, it makes perfect sense," he said. "Efferdent is strong enough to get off all the gunk and tartar off dentures but gentle enough not to harm the dentures."

We decided to test out Green's other wacky ideas for ourselves.

First up is the stained coffee pot. Everyone has this problem with their coffee pot because brown coffee stains on the bottom. Green says you can get rid of these too.

He says add half an inch of salt and ice and shake it up for a couple of minutes. He says the salt and ice act as an abrasive to get rid of the brown scum.

If you think you have stinky shoes, Green says ground coffee is a great way to absorb the odor. Simply use an old pair of panty hose and ground coffee to create a bag to place in your shoes. Allow 24 hours to work.

One of Joey Green's favorite products is baby wipes. He says they are great for multiple uses in your house like cleaning your baseboards, and they are also great for your dashboard.

Immediately, the wipes we used made our dashboard shine and got rid of the dirt without using any toxic chemicals.

Finally, we test out one of Green's more wacky uses -- Spam to clean the furniture.

"All you do is take the Spam and rub it into the furniture, and what I like to do is buff with panty hose," he said.

But after trying this product, we found that using Spam is actually kind of messy, smelly and really doesn't work that well.

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