Texas City dike set to open Saturday

TEXAS CITY, TX A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place Friday evening for the fishing pier that shut down after Ike.

After two years and $4.1 million in repairs, the dike will reopen Saturday but with a very significant change. Residents living outside of Texas City will have to pay $5 per carload any weekend during peak season, which includes Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Anyone without a permit will not be allowed in unless they pay the $5 fee.

As you may recall, the dike was severely damaged during Hurricane Ike when roads were washed out and ramps demolished. Because of that, it remained closed for two years.

The mayor of Texas City said the new fee will help maintain the roads and pay for trash pickup. Some residents living outside the area we talked to say they don't mind the fee.

"No, you need that (money) to keep the dike up," said Bob Spence, a San Leon resident. "I don't know if you were here before, but the trash that was left and the upkeep, it takes money. You gotta have that."

"If they keep it clean and keep the trash pickup and keep the road up; the road got pretty bad before the storm, and if they can do that, I'd appreciate it," said Jim Ross, also of San Leon.

The dike will have most of the ramps open Saturday, and the roads are newly paved. That's great news for local business owners as well.

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