Mother meets those whose lives her son saved

HOUSTON For Diana Jamie, seeing a room full of complete strangers was like seeing her son.

"It's just like he's right here with me," she said.

Jamie's 12-year-old son Nicolas was tragically killed earlier this year in a car accident. That's when Diana and her other two sons decided to donate his organs. The family met with a woman who received his kidney and a man who received one of his lungs.

"We miss him a lot," Jamie said. "To know that he's here somewhere makes me feel good, to know someone else is OK because of him, because he was such a good kid."

Raymond Tassin was in need of a lung, and was getting sicker by the day. Nicolas' lung gave Tassin and his wife Wanita a new life.

"We loved dancing and he couldn't go dancing anymore, and now we can go dancing again thanks to you," Wanita said.

"Nicolas liked dancing, he just didn't know how," Jamie laughed.

An emotional moment for everyone -- at one point, Diana was able to listen to her lost son's lung.

In all, Nicolas' organs saved five lives -- a gift that his mother says she does not regret.

"He's here somewhere," she said. "He's here, in her, in him."

Nicolas' mother and two brothers say helping others is what he would have wanted. One organ donor can save up to 80 lives. For more information on how to register as an organ donor, visit

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