Five injured in major accident


The accident happened at the intersection of Highway 249 and Bammel after the driver of a truck and struck a Suburban carrying seven people. A 3-year-old who wasn't wearing a seatbelt was thrown out of the vehicle.

Three children and one other patient were transported via Life Flight to Memorial Hermann Hospital. The fifth patient was transported via ambulance.

The children's ages are reported to be 4 months old, 4 and 7 years old.

A witness said she encountered the suspect a few blocked before the accident and nearly ran her off the road. When they ended up side-by-side at the next light, she said the suspect appeared to be "drunk as a skunk."

The woman let the suspect drive ahead of her but later spotted smoke from the accident.

The suspected drunken driver suffered only scratches to his face but was taken to a hospital to take a blood test. Beer cans were found inside the floorboard of his truck.
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