Repeat intruder targets church in Missouri City

February 24, 2010 3:29:16 PM PST
"No fear of God." That's how a pastor describes a crook that's been breaking into his church over and over again. The First Missouri City Seventh Day Adventist Church has been broken into so many times, the pastor and his wife decided it was up to them to keep it from happening again. While nothing inside the church was taken, the pastor and his wife had a hunch the intruder would come back. They wanted to be here when he did. After two consecutive break-ins Pastor Roderic Bishop and his wife were so fed up, they started spending the night here, turning the audio room into a bedroom.

"My wife and I prayed about it and felt convicted to go," Pastor Bishop said. "There was no fear in our hearts, so we went."

Early Monday morning, Pastor Bishop heard noises coming from the sanctuary and to his surprise the intruder, who on one occasion ransacked the church, was back.

He recalled, "I saw him coming out of my office so I yelled to him from there and he ran back into the office, opened the door and went to the parking lot."

The man ran off and escaped, leaving behind a cell phone. This morning, with the pastor's help, a sketch artist drafted a composite of the suspect.

Sgt. Brandon Harris with the Missouri City Police Department said, "It may be a homeless person from the area that we weren't aware of that may be just spending the night."

Nothing was missing from the church. While the intruder hasn't been seen since, Pastor Bishop wants him brought to justice. What the suspect did, he says, speaks volumes about his character.

"I think there's no fear of God. The precincts of the church are not sacred to that person," Pastor Bishop said.

The cell phone that was left behind could help detectives find out who the intruder is. At this point, they're not even sure if it's his phone.