Man charged with beating girlfriend's daughter

Jose Gomez, 33, was arrested for allegedly beating and killing his girlfriend's 4-year-old daughter.

February 16, 2010 10:47:38 AM PST
A northwest Houston man has been charged with beating his girlfriend's four-year-old daughter to death and now, the girl's mother could also face charges. According to Child Protective Services, Jose Gomez, 33, was babysitting the little girl and her brother at their apartment in the Spring Branch area. When their mom returned from work, the girl complained of stomach pain.

Two hours later she went into cardiac arrest, went to the hospital and died. Authorities say the girl had blunt force trauma to her body. She also had old bruises which means her mother could face charges if she knew and didn't intervene. That's something one neighbor says she can't comprehend.

"I'm always protective of who watches my kids when I'm not there," said neighbor Gina Lagunes. "I usually don't leave my kids behind. And for a mom to let the kids be with someone she doesn't know that is going to hurt them or not is pretty bad."

For now, CPS has taken custody of the little girl's six-year-old brother. The DA's office says Gomez is from El Salvador and they plan on setting a high bond.