Dental office gives special gift to dozens of patients

February 14, 2010 5:35:49 AM PST
Sunday is Valentine's Day and dozens of people in Sugar Land will be headed into it with clean smiles. They were all able to see a dentist, and many say it was just what they needed because the visit was free. This is no typical day at the office for Dr. Michael Kesner, his staff and his suppliers. This is an entire day of free dentistry at Made Ya Smile Dental and it was Alvin Brown's lucky day.

"I haven't seen a dentist in 13 years and it is a good thing that somebody can help out people and brighten their smile, make their day," he said.

Like so many others, Alvin doesn't have insurance, but needs dental work. It's a Valentine's Day kindness performed by Kesner's staff for more than 250 patients.

"Just this morning, a lady slept in her car, just waiting to get in," said Dr. Kesner.

It was cold, but patients didn't seem to mind, considering what they were getting in return.

"I can make it. The Air Force had me stationed in North Dakota in the mid-70s," said patient John Sanders.

"So this is nothing?" we asked.

"This is nothing," he said.

"I'm getting one of the holes in my head filled. Had a filling fall out and since it's free, it kind of fits my budget perfectly," said Jacob, another dental patient.

"A lot of these people are walking around with toothaches for months and months and they can't afford to get nothing done, so we're able to help them out," said Dr. Kesner.

In addition to a cleaning, filling or having a tooth pulled, Kesner says they're also just trying to make patients smile.

Dr. Kesner hopes to continue this 'Dentistry from the Heart' event every Valentine's Day.