Horse found loose on Southwest Freeway

Authorities say it appears a horse fell out of a trailer as it was being transported on the Southwest Freeway.

February 5, 2010 1:33:55 PM PST
A horse is lucky to be alive, after it was loose on the Southwest Freeway. Around noon, the horse was spotted on the freeway near Kirkwood. Terriann Carlson with the Fort Bend County Sheriff's department says the horse appears to have fallen out of a trailer. Deputies on the scene were able to bring the animal, which was wearing a halter, under control.

A good Samaritan happened along the scene with a horse trailer, allowing deputies to safely transport the horse out of the way. Carlson says the horse will be taken to a veterinarian in Needville to be checked out. It suffered a number of cuts and scratches, but there are concerns about internal injuries.

So far, nobody has come foward missing a horse.