No more nachos at HISD after kids get sick

February 4, 2010 6:48:44 PM PST
Six kids at Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary got sick after eating cafeteria food for lunch on Thursday. The kids all ate nachos and milk, but it's still unclear if those foods caused the kids to get sick. Four of the kids reportedly went to the hospital, one went home and one remained at school.

Norm Uhl with the Houston Independent School District said they're pulling nachos from menus district-wide as a precaution, but milk will not be taken off the district's menu.

Kathy Barton with the City of Houston Health Department said they were called out to the school about 2:30pm and an inspection was made. The case is under investigation, which is standard operating procedure, but Barton says the inspector didn't see anything obvious.

HISD says it was told by the Houston Health Department that they won't know for three to five days what may have caused the kids to get sick.