Buc-ees on the road to becoming a legend

January 20, 2010 9:41:57 PM PST
The growing Buc-ees gas station-convenience store chain is becoming a must-stop for road trippers. Fans say there's plenty that sets them apart from the crowd. The friendly face with the familiar overbite is known as a beacon of comfort to the road weary traveler. Say the name Buc-ees and it conjures what's important to the motorist.

"Chewing tobacco and sandwiches," said one.

Another added, "Unsweetened tea, the way I like it."

"You can always find a clean bathroom and the people are friendly," stressed another.

Meet the real beaver, Arch "Beaver" Aplin, co-owner and creator of Buc-ees the beaver.

"When I was a baby my mother nicknamed me Beaver. Go figure," Aplin said. "I don't know why but ever since that's what I've been called. The name just stuck."

The first Buc-ees opened in 1982 in Lake Jackson, neat and modest loaded with convenience store staples. Then there's the newest generation of Buc-ees, the only convenience store chain in Texas to have a self-select menu.

All the food is fresh baked and prepared inside the store. They even customize your coffee. But it's the chicken Caesar and ham Panini we like best. You'd never know it was made in a convenience store.

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about Buc-ees most famous and biggest sellers. The Buc-ees clothing line can outfit an entire family and along with turkey sticks, beef jerky, and beaver nuggets, it's one stop shopping.