Clerk fights back against would-be robbers

January 19, 2010 9:55:58 AM PST
Two men are in jail after a clerk outsmarted and outgunned an armed robber. Police say two men tried to rob the Texaco Station on Kuykendahl near Brundage late last night, but the clerk got the upper hand, making it easy for police to arrest both suspects.

Deputies say one of the would-be thieves walked into the gas station and held up the clerk, demanding money. The clerk then pulled out his gun and started firing at the suspect and at the same time, remotely locked the front door.

In order to dodge those bullets, the suspect locked himself inside a cooler and then reportedly used his cell phone to call his buddy in the getaway car outside.

That second suspect then tried to drive the vehicle into the gas station to rescue his partner in crime, but steel barricades stopped the car. Fortunately, deputies arrived and arrested the driver and then arrested the other suspect, who was still hiding in the cooler.

There was no word of any injuries.