NASA: Feb. launch still on despite bad hoses

January 11, 2010 12:34:37 PM PST
NASA is still shooting for a shuttle launch next month, despite bad hoses for a new room at the space station. Endeavour is supposed to blast off Feb. 7 with the Tranquility module. It's a chamber that will provide additional living quarters at the International Space Station.

Ammonia coolant lines for Tranquility failed recent testing. The metal braiding on two of the four hoses began separating.

NASA manager Pete Hasbrook said Monday the contractor is beefing up the 14-foot hoses, which are longer than usual. At the same time, engineers are building new hoses out of old equipment. Hasbrook says either option hopefully will keep the mission on track. If not, NASA might launch Tranquility in February and fly the improved hoses up in March.