Slain victims' family speaks out

ROSENBERG, TX Albert Turner hasn't been seen since police say the crime happened early Sunday morning. Police in northern Georgia found his vehicle Tuesday in a river, but still no sign of him. Back here at home, we're hearing from a family member of the victims.

The Frank family is a prominent one in Rosenberg. They founded a local church more than three decades ago. They told us they are dealing with the biggest tragedy they could have ever imagined and it happened in front of four children.

It's heartbreaking and confusing to Darren Frank as to how a plan to help his little sister and her kids escape an abusive situation ended with his sister and mother stabbed to death the day after Christmas.

"We didn't expect this violence, this sickness to do what it did," said Darren.

For 14 years, Keitha Frank Turner, 39, was married to Albert Turner, 44. But Keitha and their four kids moved out of their house the day after Christmas while Turner, a correctional officer, was at work. Keitha and the kids took shelter at her mother and father's home in Rosenberg. The Franks had founded a church there more than 32 years ago.

Somehow late at night on December 26, Turner gained entry and began stabbing Keitha as she slept upstairs with two of their children.

"When one of the children heard her mother scream, she ran to her grandmother's room and woke her up," said Darren's wife, Gamila Frank.

That's when Betty Jo Frank, 66, told her granddaughter to call 911 then went to confront Turner. As he turned his rage and knife on her, the grandmother and founder of Living Water Christian School of Rosenberg could only minister to him in his rage.

"She was saying, 'God can touch you. He can change you, he can help you. You need help,'" said Darren. "She was telling him that while he was attacking her."

As a manhunt spanning several state lines continues for Turner, Darren plans to honor a foreboding wish his sister made to him just two weeks ago.

"She asked me if something happened to her if I would love her children. And I looked back at her and I asked her if something happened to me and my wife, would you love my children? I was just letting her know that we're family and that family takes care of things," said Darren.

The Frank family is now in the process of setting up a double funeral for Keith and Betty Jo on Thursday at 11am. They are also setting up an account at Wells Fargo to help pay for college for the four children who are essentially now without a mother and father.

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