Father grieving daughter's death

HOUSTON Makaylin Angel, 6, died Monday night. An SUV went out of control and hit her in northwest Harris County. Her father still can't believe this has happened. His daughter was killed in an instant by someone police say was driving drunk. But in the wake of her death, he plans to hold keepsake close to his heart.

"This is one of the ones where we were having a family day," said Brandon Angel, as he showed us photos.

Those pictures of Angel's little girl adorn his living room. A few are also sad reminders of life without his daughter.

"This will be the toughest Christmas I ever had to face," he said.

And the tough times also included Friday afternoon. His little girl was supposed to be running through the door for a weekend sleepover.

"Today was supposed to be one of those days, well, you know, really the weekend, when she comes and enjoys herself with the family," said Angel.

As Angel sits in a quiet house among the photos, there is one snapshot engrained in his mind that he wishes he could erase.

"It's like a picture that I can't ever take away, the night that it all happened," he said.

It was Monday night when Makaylin, her little sister and grandmother were walking to a relative's home on Cossey Road in northwest Harris County. That's when police say Larry Womack, 62, with three previous DWI convictions, left Bimbos biker bar down the road at a high rate of speed, lost control and hit Makaylin, killing her. Tests revealed Womack's blood alcohol level was more than four times the legal limit.

"Why could you be so careless to let yourself wreck someone else's life," said Angel.

And while Angel is not sure how he will press on, he knows from where he will pull his strength.

"I feel like by me keeping this (newspaper) clipping, it will push me harder to be a better father that I was and that I still am to my little girl," he said.

Makaylin's family is now planning a funeral for Saturday. Womack, by the way, is charged with intoxication manslaughter. He faces up to 20 years in prison.

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