Winning lotto ticket sold in Alvin

ALVIN, TX A spokesperson for the Texas Lottery Commission that while no one has come forward in person at the local claims office, someone apparently recently called the Austin office, claiming to be an attorney representing the winning ticket holder. No name has been given so far, keeping this mysterious for residents in Alvin.

"We hadn't been on the map since Nolan Ryan, so now we're back on the map," said store manager Christina Sauer.

But no one knows the name of Alvin's newest millionaire.

A shopper said, "I'm wondering who's that big winner. Do you know who it is?"

A neighborhood supermarket sold the winning Texas Lotto ticket.

Shopper Gerry Davidson said, "I got two calls one from my daughter, one from my son, 'Mama, is it you?" They know I shop here. No, it wasn't me."

The whopping $76 million prize is still unclaimed.

Sauer said, "I think I would've been in Austin first thing this morning if it was me."

Sauer shared the irony of it all.

"We only sold like $17 yesterday from this machine," she said.

Perhaps now their luck will change!

Sauer explained, "People don't know the machine's here and we don't sell a lot of tickets from it. I bet we will now."

A safe bet, given all the action electrifying the little town of Alvin.

"We heard someone won in Alvin and everybody scrambled to see who won," said another shopper.

That winner has 100 days to claim the prize.

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