Johnson Space Center debuts new exhibit

June 26, 2009 3:08:19 PM PDT
A popular air-conditioned place to visit in the summer is always Space Center Houston and the Johnson Space Center, especially this summer, given that next month marks the 40th anniversary of man's first landing on the moon. Exploring the exhibits, just a step from space suits and a leap from a mock landing capsule, the Cumbee family is in Houston on an adventure from Fort Worth.

"[We've] read a lot about it but never seen it, so it's really interesting to see it in person," Jim Cumbee said.

There is much to see, from memorabilia marking every Apollo-era mission, to the metal box that brought home our last moonwalkers.

"We have space suits from Apollo that were flown in space," Space Center Houston representative Jack Moore said.

Space Center Houston is also home to a display of moon rocks that are billions of years old.

"We have the largest collection of moon rocks anywhere in the world outside of Johnson Space Center," Moore said.

There are literally hundreds of items, some small, some very large, that walk visitors through time and through a period that some might call the golden age of space exploration. For Cumbee, amidst a galaxy of memorabilia, it doesn't seem that long ago.

"It seems like yesterday," he said. "I remember as a little kid seeing the first time man landed on the moon."

The new exhibit is 1500 square feet and will open on July 24th, the anniversary of the splashdown of Apollo 11.

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