Truck traffic brings noise issues

HOUSTON Residents in Bennette Estates essentially live in the country, back in the woods off of FM 1314 in Montgomery County. But if you close your eyes and just listen to the sounds of Bennette Estates it sounds less like the country and a lot more like a major highway.

Resident Tony Garcia said, "I moved here because it was nice and peaceful."

Garcia has lived in Bennette Estates for roughly 30 years. But he says the last few haven't been so peaceful or quiet.

"We're like prisoners in our own place here," he said.

That's because of what he calls a non-stop parade of large, noisy trucks. One day he counted 22 in 12 minutes.

"We have no relief from anybody," Garcia said. "I don't get no sleep. I catch everything at this corner -- all the brakes, all the loud noises."

The trucks are coming and going from the sandpits in the back of their neighborhood, and it does seem to be a parade of one truck after another.

Resident Delia Clardy said, "It's really surprising that no one's got killed before now. I'm just really concerned for my children."

Clardy says the noise and the constant dust make their home almost unbearable at times.

"They start at 4:30am," she recalled. "We're woken up by a bang, bang, bang. And they run, I don't know, into the early evening. And then they're back on Saturday."

The residents here say they've met with the landowner and the companies involved, with no solution. I talked to both companies, one of which says it no longer allows trucks to pick up material before 6am. The other says it has started notified trucking companies of residents' concerns and is trying to work with them to be a good neighbor.

One of the landowners indicated his lease with the companies doesn't allow him to limit the times they're open for business. Since there is no noise ordinance in unincorporated Montgomery County, it seems there is little the residents can do but bear it.

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