Woodlands, Pearland restrict water usage

HOUSTON The city of Pearland is asking residents to watch when residents water your lawn. In The Woodlands, folks are now on a schedule and being told when they can, and can't, water their lawns.

Parts of our northern viewing area are watching their wells go down by the gulp. The city of Conroe said water usage has shot up as much as two million gallons in two days. Therefore, it's no surprise that residents are being asked to scale back their water usage.

In the land of normally lush lawns, the brown color of dying grass is causing headaches for homeowners. The Woodlands is requesting residents to water just two days a week according to your address.

If an address ends in an odd number, water on Wednesday and Saturdays. If it ends in an even number, then Thursday and Sundays are the days.

The news hit Tom McLaughlin just as he finished upgrading his sprinkler system. Wanting to try them out as soon as possible, he said Sunday can't get here soon enough.

His neighbor is hoping Mother Nature will come through.

"I guess we'll have to do a few rain dances," said resident Karen Petersberg.

The Woodlands is also asking residents to scale back on things like ornamental fountains, washing cars, and filling up pools.

The city of Conroe said they might have to enact mandatory restrictions before the weekend is over.

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