Disturbing testimony in former cop's trial

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/*Robert Fratta*/ kept his head down and showed no emotion or reaction as prosecutors played the frantic 911 tape from November 9, 1994, the day Farah Fratta was murdered. The call was made by Laura Hoelscher.

As she did 15 years ago, Hoelscher again testified about what she saw. In 1994, she lived across the street from Robert and Farah Fratta and was at home when she saw the shooting. Just like she did 15 years ago, she began to cry.

"I heard a sound that sounded like a firecracker or pop," she testified. "I heard a scream and another pop. I saw Miss Fratta fall down."

Hoelscher testified she saw a man with a gun jump into a waiting car and drive off.

Prosecutors are trying to portray Fratta as an unhappy husband with a wandering eye. Maribelle Saenz was brought to the stand. Sanez is a hair stylist who cut Farah Fratta's hair the day she was killed. Saenz testified the first time she met Robert Fratta, she didn't like the way he was staring at her female stylist.

But another witness for the prosecution, Kitty Waters, gave more grim testimony, saying her best friend, Farah Fratta, said, "She asked me if I thought he would have her killed."

The jury did not hear that testimony, saying it was hearsay and not admissible.

Robert Fratta was convicted back in 1996 in the 1994 murder of his wife, but an appeals court ruled some of the evidence should not have been allowed, which is why he received a new trial. The men Fratta allegedly hired to kill Farrah Fratta are currently on death row.

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