Alleged Houston madam seeks employment

April 9, 2009 3:54:51 AM PDT
The woman charged in connection with running a prostitution ring that could include up to 1,500 people is looking to make some more money. What she's doing may surprise you.[SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

Charles and Debbie Turbiville are expected to appear in court next week on charges of aggravated promotion of prostitution. The couple is out on bond and back at their Westside home. We've learned Debbie is trying to support her family through recruiting on the internet.

The wife and mother of two is using Craig's List and other online avenues to help people find employment. That includes mothers searching for nannies and nannies searching for work.

Turbiville's attorney says she is not just recruiting nannies but other positions like forklift operators and construction jobs. He also says she's returning to her roots since her first employment was as a placement person or recruiter.

"There's nothing that bars her under conditions of bond and I think most judges would like people out on bond to seek gainful employment. That's all she was doing. They are in desperate need of money. They have no cars, no source of income. She was going back to doing work she's done as far back as 1999," said Turbiville attorney, Joe Owmby.

After their arrests, authorities froze all of their assets. The couple has not yet entered any kind of plea on the charges they face. Prosecutors said last month they don't plan on pursuing any of the clients or so-called johns.

Owmby says he doesn't understand why they wouldn't pursue charges against the johns.

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