Suspects nabbed in burglary theft ring

April 7, 2009 3:47:39 PM PDT
Police say they've nabbed five men who've made air travelers worried about leaving their cars at Bush Intercontinental Airport.[SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

Police say five men may be responsible for a rash of car break-ins since the start of the year. For months, investigators say they targeted cars parked by travelers at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

The Houston Police Department says an airport surveillance camera video shows a group of young men brazenly breaking into cars parked at Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport stealing whatever they can. Investigators arrested five suspects, believing they are responsible for around 90 break-ins within a three month period.

"Within a five or six day period, we're talking about folks coming in hitting multiple vehicles at once, getting stolen property, fencing it and coming back within the next five or six hours," explained HPD Captain Greg Fremin. "It was like a job. It was a job to them."

Investigators say Demarcus Alexander, twins Marquis and Marcus Harrison, Katory King, and a 16-year-old suspect methodically cased the airport parking lots, careful to avoid security officers.

HPD Asst. Chief John Trevino said, "These suspects were very keen, and would make sure and time their thefts when the patrols were not in the area."

The items they stole ranged from laptops, to guns, to GPS systems -- anything left inside the cars of local travelers. Since the suspects' arrests, police say the incidents of break-ins at the airports have plummeted.

Capt. Fremin said, "A lot of these things probably could have been prevented, because what they're doing is they're looking at a car that has something in it that they can get."

Investigators say they believe every one of these incidents involved something left visible in the vehicle. They don't believe the suspects popped the trunks in order to steal the goods. Travelers are advised to be careful and lock up their valuables.

Police are continuing to investigate, to see if the suspects might be tied to any other crimes in the north Harris County area.

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