Parents speak after daughter's death

March 23, 2009 4:54:34 PM PDT
A mother and father are speaking out just eight days after their daughter was killed in a shooting while at a party. Now the parents say they have a message to everyone who has a child. [SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

Friends called Allison Aubrecht, Allie. By all accounts she had a bright future heading to college in the fall, but instead of scoping out dorms, her parents are fighting to have the charges upgraded against the man accused of shooting Allie to death.

Lori Aubrecht can barely look at the photos covering her kitchen counter. They are images of her daughter Allie full of life, but now cut tragically short.

"This is totally the most devastating thing that has ever happened in my life," she told us. "I will never see my daughter graduate, get married."

Allie's mother says she thought she was familiar with all of her daughter's friends and homes she frequented, but never saw one house until the day her daughter died.

"You always hear of rumors, but you never think it happens in your own neighborhood," Lori said.

Police say on Sunday, March 15th, Allie and her friends were partying with the three young men who lived in a house just north of the Katy Freeway at Westview near Silber. One of them, Robert Odom, allegedly showed the group including neighbor Robert Peach, his gun.

"When we got ready to leave, he put it up, and got it back out after we left, and tragedy," Peach said.

Police say Odom thought the gun was unloaded before he placed it behind Allie's head and fired. He's since been charged with manslaughter, but Allie's dad says that's not enough.

"A gun to the back of somebody's head, an execution style situation, is murder," said Robert Aubrecht. "This is no accident."

Prosecutors say a grand jury will make the ultimate decision on whether to upgrade the charges. In the meantime the grieving Aubrecht family has a message for every parent and child.

"For Allie's sake, kids when they see a gun, they run, and anybody who ever picks up a gun, handles that gun with care," Robert said.

Odom rremains in the Harris County jail. Allie's parents say they will continue to fight to have the manslaughter charges upgraded to murder.

Her funeral is Tuesday at 3pm. Her parents say they wanted to hold the funeral in the afternoon so all her classmates could attend.

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