Forgotten treasures for sale at lot

March 19, 2009 4:32:16 PM PDT
After three generations in the business, the Harris Moving and Storage Company is closing for good. Everything is being sold at auction starting Friday. With almost 70 years in the moving and storage business, it's no surprise that after time, many items that were stored were forgotten. PHOTOS: Forgotten Treasures At Houston Storage Lot

Some of the items you can bid on have been in storage for more than 50 years. While the bulk of all the merchandise up for auction includes tools and moving equipment, there are some hidden treasures in between.

"We found some things we didn't even know that we had," said Joe Harris with the company.

Harris took us on a tour to show us some of the things that'll be up for auction like an antique table from the 1940s.

"You have had some customers that have had stuff in our warehouse since 1957," Harris said.

"To put a value on some of the things is very difficult to do," said David Runte with the Worstell Auction Company.

Runte says it's hard to estimate how much certain items will sell for but he has an idea. He says one table could go for as little as $300 but could sell for up to a $1,000.

"Some of the things here are not available any place else, you can't find them," Runte told us.

Like a dictograph from the early 1900s. It's a telephonic instrument used for secretly listening to or recording conversations. The auctioneer thinks it could go for $100.

A vintage Honda Kick and Go scooter could also fetch a $100.

There also dozens of 1950s bar stools. Our auctioneer suspects he will get $20 for each stool. A 1960s stove could go for as much as $500, while an old TVset will get about $100. If you are a collector, you may like the antique Dr Pepper or Coca Cola bottles. The bid per crate will start at $5.

It's not just collectibles. There are hundreds of tools and machines from the 40s and 50s. Items like an old saw and fogger. There are also rows and rows of tools and other new equipment for sale. Bids start at $10 and up.

The company is also auctioning off its entire fleet of trailers, some as old as the 1940s but as new as 2005. There are also plenty of household goods, clothing and equipment up for auction.

The auction is set for Friday and Saturday at 9am at Harris Moving and Storage located at 1824 Spring Street. A $100 cash deposit is required to bid and all items are sold as is.

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