No felony for repeat offender

March 10, 2009 9:20:48 PM PDT
Women tell us they live in fear because of one guy. But when we find him, he runs away. [WATCH IT: See Wayne Dolcefino's Undercover report]

13 Undercover is back with a question of justice. What do you with guys who make a profession out of exposing themselves to defenseless women?

We bring you a freak show. Wouldn't you love to have one of these guys as your neighbor?

"Why are you running from us?" we asked while chasing after John Skiles. "Why are you running from us?"

Maybe because he's a pervert. If anyone fits the bill, this guy does.

"It is a disgusting, revolting, obnoxious thing for someone to do," said State Rep. Debbie Riddle.

The last time we had seen John Skiles was in a Harris County courtroom being convicted for indecent exposure for the fourth time.

"If he's willing to expose himself, what else does he have up his sleeve, so to speak?" asked neighbor Sally Steele.

This time, Skiles had pleased himself in front of one of his own neighbors. A plastic cup in one hand. You know what in the other. Imagine having this guy as a neighbor.

"Every day, you live in fear," said one neighbor who didn't want to be identified. "It is definitely a mental and emotional assault on women."

The last time Skiles was busted, he had been driving around in a van exposing himself. Inside, police found women's purses, Easter candy and a pistol-gripped shotgun.

"That's extremely scary," said his neighbor. "He could kill someone."

Judge Larry Standley gave Skiles the maximum, but in Texas, that's only 180 days in jail.

"Whether they do it once or a thousand times, the most they can get is six months in jail," Judge Standley said.

So John Skiles can expose himself to adult women whenever he wants to all over the city and never get charged with a felony.

"On prostitution, on the fourth time, it becomes a felony," said Judge Standley. "On burglary of a motor vehicle, on the third time, it becomes a felony. Theft, after the third time, it becomes a felony."

With good behavior in jail, Skiles only spent 87 days behind bars

"You want to get them in there and get some kind of treatment," said Judge Standley. "You want to have a carrot and stick, but if the most they can get is six months, your stick is pretty small."

"Mr. Skiles, I'm Wayne Dolcefino with Channel 13. Want to talk about the problem you have?" we asked him, but got no answer.

Skiles claims his address is now in Wharton County in Boling at the Acorn Acres. By the way , it used to be a nudist colony. And that's where the DPS sex offender website shows him living.

But pictures neighbors have given us show us he's been hanging around back at his old townhouse complex in Houston.

"Here he comes back again in just a few months," said Steele.

"When you see him, you freeze," said a neighbor. "You don't know whether he's going to come after you."

"You think it's fair to your neighbors you're still here," we asked Skiles. But he runs away from us.

Talk about a freak. Eunius Carl Johnson has been convicted of indecent exposure nine times in just four years. He's a professional pervert. Once he even pleasured himself while sitting at a table at a Mexican restaurant on Sheperd.

"If you're in to doing this kind of crime, usually you're going to keep doing it," said Harris County Precinct 1 Constable J.C. Mosier.

All the judge could give Johnson was 180 days in jail.

"You're not doing anything to correct this situation with that particular individual," said Mosier.

Eunius got conviction number eight in April of 2008. And he was back on the street by July 25. You know what he did? He went over to a county courthouse on North Shepherd.

"Stands in our front door and exposes himself to women walking into our office," said Mosier.

For twenty minutes, while on his cell phone.

"I think your piece is very topical and timely because legislature is in session," said Mosier.

"We're not going to tolerate something like this," said Rep. Riddle.

If you think the Department of Public Safety sex offender website is telling you the whole story, it's not. Tuesday night, we'll name names and try to plug the pervert loopholes at the state capitol.

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