Ike victims forced out of condemned complex

March 9, 2009 5:37:28 AM PDT
Today, the city of Houston is shutting down an apartment complex and at the same time, forcing many Hurricane Ike victims onto the street.[SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

Yesterday, tenants at the Almeda Chateau Apartments on Kingspoint near Kleckly in southeast Houston began packing their belongings and moving out. Residents here tell Eyewitness News they certainly won't miss living at the complex but unfortunately, many of them say they have nowhere else to go.

The city is shutting down the apartment complex for serious health code violations. The mold and trash disposal problems make it unsafe for human occupancy. Since Hurricane Ike, dozens of evacuees were placed there by charity groups.

The city has shut off the water to the complex due to an unpaid $71,000 water bill. The residents have also had to share their homes with rats and others pests.

"It's very ridiculous. I moved in after Hurricane Ike and they didn't tell us that the apartments are gonna be like this," said resident Lacretia Thomas. "Our water has been out for three weeks. It just got turned on, and now they're telling us we're going to get condemned."

"It all happened so fast. You don't really know what to do. We're trying right now to find somewhere to go," said evicted tenant Morris Peterson.

The city says they will try to assist people in finding other housing. But the Housing Association says many of those displaced residents have criminal records and that will make them difficult to place.

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